St Joseph’s College puts the Older Reader category in focus

Take a moment to listen to the Year 7 Book Club members from St Joseph College Mildura give their verdicts on some of the the novels selected in the Older Reader category. The group really enjoyed being included in the judging process and in this short video they give some insight into their favourites.

When Rain Turns to Snow

Leongatha Secondary College year 7 student Nickyta was drawn to Jane Godwin’s When Rain Turns To Snow. Her year level also studied Jane’s other novel, Falling From Grace as an English text. Our group of Shadow Judges were keen to read this new story. Nickyta was particularly moved by an event in the novel from which it gained its name.Continue reading “When Rain Turns to Snow”

The verdict from John Paul College is in …

The JPC Older Readers Nomination for the Book of the Year is When Rain Turns to Snow by Jane Godwin. Our team felt this book relatable and they could connect with the subplots of for example, friendships, online social situations, gossips. They felt it was realistic for the age group represented in the book. TheyContinue reading “The verdict from John Paul College is in …”