A winning speech

Husni & Hugo wrote this awards speech for their favourite book, even though it didn’t win! Ladies and Gentlemen, we are gathered here today to celebrate and reveal the CBCA award for 2021. Firstly, I would like to congratulate all the other shortlisted books for making it this far and encourage all of you toContinue reading “A winning speech”

Cloudburst – a Mount Martha view

Shadow judges at Mount Martha Primary school were given a choice of 10 reading response tasks to complete after reading the shortlisted texts. The responses were designed to be shared with the wider school community in the hope that they would promote interest and borrowing of the Younger Readers shortlist. When responding to the texts,Continue reading “Cloudburst – a Mount Martha view”

Balmain Blitz the Best Books

Take the time to appreciate this panel of Shadow Judges from Nicholson Street PS Balmain East in NSW give their final reviews and votes in this year’s Book of the Year Awards. I don’t want to be a spoiler so sit down and listen in as they nominate their winner in the Younger Readers category.

Greenvale PS are really up for a game …

The Greenvale PS students created a variety of responses including a fantastic board game for “The Stolen Prince of Cloudburst” and through text analysis. Please take some time to explore Elsa & Setayesh’s response to the book – “The Stolen Prince of Cloudburst”.  They had a fantastic time reading the books, discussing the texts andContinue reading “Greenvale PS are really up for a game …”

The St Paul’s verdict …

We had our Shadow Judges meet and vote in the Younger readers category yesterday. It was quite a difficult process reaching a decision, with 2 titles registering well above the others with readers and each having very passionate supporters for the win. In the initial vote, all titles attracted at least one vote. It cameContinue reading “The St Paul’s verdict …”

Greenvale PS give their verdict …

Well done to the Greenvale PS students who are the first school or library to review all the books in their category – a great effort! After much discussion, our Greenvale Shadow judges have decided there was a tie for the best book between “The Stolen Prince of Cloudburst” & “We are Wolves”. As wellContinue reading “Greenvale PS give their verdict …”