Newhaven Reviews the Picture Books

Newhaven College has produced a beautiful presentation reviewing the titles nominated in the Picture Books category. They are using Sway so please click this link to view their submission in a new window. Newhaven nominates their winner in the last slide … so keep viewing!

Brimbank lockdown blues hasn’t exhausted the enthusiasm

Brimbank Libraries has worked with an enthusiastic group of children and young people in Shadow Judging process. Lockdown has meant we weren’t able to engage with a broader group of children in light of government restrictions that have affected our ability to run programs. However the participants who did take part really enjoyed it! TheContinue reading “Brimbank lockdown blues hasn’t exhausted the enthusiasm”

Ellie’s Dragon

The students at Bridgewater PS have also read Ellie’s Dragon which is written and illustrated by Bob Graham. It has been nominated in the Picture Book category. For their Creative response the students talked about their special friends and came up with this collage in their classroom. PrepEmily, Marley, IssyGrade 3GusGrade 4RylieGrade 5IsaacGrade 6Jasper