The Shadow Judging Criteria

We encourage the Shadow Judges to be creative in the way they explore the books. We do want the Shadow Judges to document their learning journeys and to be able to showcase this in their submissions. This showcase needs to be ‘web friendly’ and we encourage the inclusion of a short video that would be up to four minutes in length.

Like the offical Judges for the Book of the Year Awards our Shadow Judges assess entries with five essential criterion in mind:

 1. Literary merit – aesthetic qualities of language, standing the test of time, realistic characters
2. Cohesiveness – language, theme, style 
3. Appeal to the readership 
4. Quality – illustrations, book design, production, editing 
5. Originality

We encourage our Shadow Judges to discuss the success of the books in regard to setting, characterisation, plot and theme. Where there are illustrations how they work with the text to create more meaning to the story. 

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