When Rain Turns to Snow

Leongatha Secondary College year 7 student Nickyta was drawn to Jane Godwin’s When Rain Turns To Snow. Her year level also studied Jane’s other novel, Falling From Grace as an English text. Our group of Shadow Judges were keen to read this new story. Nickyta was particularly moved by an event in the novel from which it gained its name.Continue reading “When Rain Turns to Snow”

What if Dylan’s mother had left a letter?

Leongatha Secondary College Year 7 student Bailey chose to judge Metal Fish, Falling Snow by Cath Moore. He found the many images of hands on the cover curious. As old letters are discovered by Dylan in the story,  Bailey wondered what if Dylan’s mother had left Dylan a letter?  What would she say? * TheContinue reading “What if Dylan’s mother had left a letter?”

Rating way above normal!

Leongatha Secondary College student, Erica, chose to judge Anna Wateley’s Peta Lyre’s Rating Normal. Her response to the novel was to design a new cover. The cover depicts Peta during a happy moment excelling on the ski slopes. When asked what she thought of the novel, Erica said, “This one should win. It was soContinue reading “Rating way above normal!”