A Letter to Katrina Nannestad

Dear Katrina Nannestad,

I read your book ‘We Are Wolves’ and loved it. It was a very up and down story and I liked the way you wrote it, as it was written accurately to who the narrator is. There was never a dull moment with those three kids, which I liked. It was just the perfect balance of emotional and exciting I found myself becoming very attached to the characters. Your description of Liesl, Otto, Mia, and their mother when they hear the ice crack from beneath them while they are travelling on it is incredible, and I was gritting my teeth and biting my nails in fear for them. I felt sympathy for Liesl especially, because she was forced to take care of her siblings while mourning the loss of her mother. I liked the way her innocence stayed with her the whole book, while she also matured and became more of a parental figure to her younger siblings. My favourite part was by far the bit when Liesl and her siblings find the abandoned house, filled with food. They are so excited by this, it made me smile myself! I voted for ‘We Are Wolves’ because it was the book that connected with me the most. I felt almost every emotion while reading it, and I genuinely enjoyed the whole thing. It is one of the best, most well written books about the Holocaust I’ve ever read. Thank you for writing it!

Kind Regards,


St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School

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