Mount Martha PS responds to Aster’s Good, Right Things

Shadow judges at Mount Martha Primary school were given a choice of 10 reading response tasks to complete after reading the shortlisted texts. The responses were designed to be shared with the wider school community in the hope that they would promote interest and borrowing of the Younger Readers shortlist.

When responding to the texts, shadow judges were asked to share their opinion about the text, identify devices used by the author and respond to the specific CBCA judging criteria.
Due to the extended lockdown experienced in Victoria, our shadow judges undertook their tasks and took photos of their completed projects at home. We hope to share their work with the school community when we are back onsite.

Niah and Isoble responded to Aster’s Good, Right Things. Niah responded by creating a cereal box review of the text. She recreated the cover, provided a snapshot of the plot, used a word search to summarise the characters and symbols of the text and used an ingredient list to highlight the literary devices used by the author.

Isobel created a shelf talker and display for the library to encourage peers to borrow Aster’s Good, Right Things. Her display is rich with symbols from the book including the notebook and rabbit, while the bridge is a symbol of character development throughout the text.

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