Shirley Purdie: My Story, Ngaginybe Jarragbe

Let’s enjoy Miller T’s review of the book Shirley Purdie. It is illustrated by Shirley Purdie and is nominated in the New Illustrator category of this year’s awards.

The cover of the book is very detailed and creative because the illustrator used dot paintings which is what I would expect from an indigenous illustrator.

The images suit the story well because the shapes and patterns display tell the story around the English and Aboriginal text. The dot paintings are very effective on the pages and I like the theme as well. The story appeals to children because the dot paintings are a thing that children can probably do so it inspires them to do it themselves. The pictures stand out because she used very stand out colours to paint the pictures and used colours that I think you could make using dirt, clay and things from nature.

There’s a lot of aboriginal things in the story and a lot of aboriginal cultural stuff. I like how she tells us about what the aboriginal people do. The characters are very realistic because that’s what they did back in the day. I would like to learn how to draw all the trees and all the people. The pictures taught me about what aboriginal people did like what they ate, where did they get it from. When you draw the dirt it looks like actual dirt. The trees are very realistic because the colour and execution of it was good. The animals are very realistic as well because she coloured it well. The clothes are kind of good but not excellent. Shirley Purdie would be a good book to teach others about aboriginal culture.

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