Seven Seas Of Fleas

Daniel I. is a student from Holy Saviour PS and here’s his review of another contender in The New Illustrator category.

The illustrator of the Seven Seas of Fleas, Dave Petzold, makes the story very colourful and exciting. It was a book that I really enjoyed. My favourite page was the one with the food on the dog that the fleas wanted.

The images do suit the story because the images have lots of colour and the words match as well. I also think that the style of the book is super good and the pictures match the actions. The illustrator used a lot of blue and yellow and lots of white in the background to make the colour stand out.

It also would be appealing to kids and I would be very enticed to read this if I was younger because the pictures were very colourful. The characters have different emotions on every page like happiness and excitement and the dog is itchy and has lots of fleas. I think it’s very original because I have never seen anything like this book before.

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