Ribbit, Rabbit, Robot

Jacob P a student from Holy Saviour PS choose to review the storybook Ribbit, Rabbit, Robot which is illustrated by Sofya Karmazina. It is nominated in the New Illustrator category of the Book of the Year Awards.

The book Ribbit, Rabbit, Robot has a lot of colour and detail with the drawings and the pictures. The illustrations have more detail than the texts. I think if this book was in a library a lot of people would pick it up because the characters are very appealing. The robot is my favourite character because even though it is a robot it has real feelings and expressions drawn on his face. I like the story because it looks like the characters are moving in the story, especially the page where the frog takes a book and it looks like the books are falling over. I also liked that at the start and the end there was a map because it shows where the characters were and it looks like it is hand drawn. The cover of the book stands out because the title is written so big with the characters and the title being so big. I think people would buy the characters if they were soft toys.

The pictures are very original; they do look different to what I’ve seen before in the book. This book has more illustrations than text so would appeal to a kinder kid. It was fun reading it in class to see the funny expressions on the characters’ faces. It was clever having the frog and genie reading the book at the end.

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