No Never!

Indiana H has written this review of No! Never! which is illustrated by Mel Pearce and is nominated in the New Illustrator category.

I think that the pictures are incredible but maybe there are too many. The pictures made me feel happy because they were so bright. The pictures are really powerful but more writing would have made it even more powerful.

The pictures match the actions in the story. It was clever how the illustrator drew the child having a temper tantrum so big. I think that the style is more cartoon than realistic which was perfect for the story as it was written about a child. The pictures give you a lot of information about how each of the characters are feeling. The little girl’s eyes get bigger as she gets angrier. The parents also look very frustrated and this makes the story come to life. The book is very appealing with bright crayon-like visuals. The book is a good looking product that any child would want to buy at the shops. 

The illustrations were made with pastel and crayon. The cover was hard and glossy. The cover is of such good quality it acts like it will never break. It is really really, really good quality parents could read it with their kids again and again

The pictures were different from what I have seen, very original. My favourite character was the little girl because she was sassy, but I like how the tables turned in the end. It is realistic, based on real life about a child having a tantrum. But I like this book so much it is an amazing book and I will read it again.

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