Go Away Worry Monster

Jayden F, from Holy Saviour, has reviewed the storybook ‘Go Away Worry Monster’ which was illustrated by Robin Tatlow-Lord and nominated in the New Illustrator category.

Holy Saviour School kids sometimes thought that this book was actually a bit scary but the kids were still happy about this book because it is also a bit funny, especially the part when we saw the boy with his mouth open with no teeth.

The theme was illustrated by the use of purple crayon. Lots of people thought that the colour was very dark which helped to show us how worried the main character was and that the book was set at night. Everyone loved the yellow crayon swirl that looked so real!

People who were reviewing said that this amazing book was so striking they said that this would be the best looking product out of all of the CBCA books!

People actually felt the book. They said it was really strong paper, so strong that one person could not rip it. People said it was of great quality.

Some kids said that they have never experienced this kind of book before because the crayon colour was like a colour disco. At our school we do the Bounce Back Book so it could help us with learning about emotions. The dog, boy and even owl all share emotions in the book, you can see this in the book clearly. The students at our school really loved this. It was good to read such a colourful book to help us think about how to stop worrying.

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