The Lost Soul Atlas

The idea for this recreation came directly from the book The Lost Soul Atlas by Zana Fraillon. The Lost Soul Atlas is a very important element in the story, and we wanted to recreate how we saw it, physically.

The cardboard exterior gives the illusion of many pages when there is only 3. The page in the middle is bound with string so it can be moved smoothly. Each page has at least 1 reference to the story of the Lost Soul Atlas whether it is a drawing of a character or quote. Paint was used to darken edges, and the worn paper look was created with tea, coffee and burning the edges with a flame.

The map is a detailed copy of the one in the Lost Soul Atlas book and shows all the different places where Twig goes to discover the truth. The real metal key hanging from the side symbolizes the skeleton keys but also everything that twig unlocks in his memory using the Lost Soul Atlas.

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