Aster’s Good Right Things

Imogen and Annabel, students from Belmont High, joined forces to produce this creative response after reading Aster’s Good Right Things. Here’s the text below …

The fear of being left,
The fear of being unwanted,
It shapes my whole day,
My world is built around others,
Fulfilling their needs and going unnoticed.
Every day is a battle to survive,
I cannot be left again.

Sometimes bed is the only option,
Sometimes life is just not able to continue in my world.
Sometimes it is hard to live up to my own expectations,
Sometimes I make my own life harder, and sometimes I create my own misery.

Until a small rabbit leads to a friend who understands how it feels to struggle,
A friend forced to hide from the black dog, yet never forgot how to live.
He joins my life and shows me it can be better.
Opens up possibilities that I never knew existed,
And helps me create a whole new way of living.
Maybe friendships can exists in my world,
And maybe life can be more than good right things.

Flowers can be codes,
A secret message between loved ones.
A code that can make all the difference of the world,
A way to get through the pain and find beauty.

People who are bullies have hidden personalities,
Broken but unknown to others, just like me.
Friendships can form wherever, if you just look deeper,
You can end up caring for someone you never knew before.
Sometimes, just sometimes, new relationships can give you the confidence to end old ones,
To let those people go, and move on.

Move on from sadness,
Move on from hardship,
Move on to happiness
Move on to love,
And maybe, just maybe, let the light in.

Never let the sadness get you down,
Think of all the good things you have now.
Everyone is broken in a different way,
But together we can heal cracks and create a whole.
Better and brighter than before,
Maybe now all those good right things can be about me too.

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