Greenvale PS give their verdict …

Well done to the Greenvale PS students who are the first school or library to review all the books in their category – a great effort!

After much discussion, our Greenvale Shadow judges have decided there was a tie for the best book between “The Stolen Prince of Cloudburst” & “We are Wolves”.

As well the great reviews posted on this site Greenvale students have created a variety of responses including a fantastic board game for “The Stolen Prince of Cloudburst” and through text analysis. They had a fantastic time reading the books, discussing the texts, and creating their response. Covid created quite a few issues but luckily, they managed to work independently around it.  We are so proud of the responses from our students.

Thank-you for giving us the opportunity to participate in Shadow judging. We would love to have the opportunity to participate in the program again, especially when we are Covid- free.

Debbie Packham
Library Manager

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